Royana de and integrates with the mind art

Royana systematic home furnishing brand inherits the superb German technology, it integrates the romance and modernity in Italian systematic style, and combines the powerful three cores of design, manufacturing and service, so that creating a new fashion concept with modern home furnishing art and luxury.

Our design and quality control team

We cooperate with the most professional manufacturers of cabinets, cloakrooms and sanitary ware from Germany, Switzerland and Italy, we would like to present the new masterpieces from European first-line designers together with perfect manufacturing techniques, which touch the most front-end European fashion home furnishing culture and fashion trend.

Michael Krohn

Professor and Dean

School of industrial design

University of Zurich, Switzerland

Enrico Cesana

Italy Design Director

Germany QC Director

Italy Design Director

Germany QC Director

Italy Design Director

Find the experience center in your area

The full coverage of the panoramic interpretation, each beloved space will appear in real restoration in front of your eyes, leading you to find your own unique living space, never refuse to picky visions, just waiting for the appearance of life connoisseurs.